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The Maxwell Network Emulator family supports demos and tradeshows by recreating real-world conditions that highlight your product's performance to impress your prospective customers.

Sophisticated customers know that most products work under perfect conditions. Thus, they become quickly bored by conventional demonstrations at tradeshows. What do they really want to see? Here are some examples:

  • A video conferencing system where 10% of the packets are delayed. How does the real-world condition of packet delay affect the sound and video quality of the video conferencing system?
  • A cloud-based storage system where the user is operating over a bandwidth limited link (e.g. one Mbits/sec instead of ten Mbits/sec) How does a slow link affect the user's ability to save a series of files to the cloud?

Show your clients that your product works under ALL conditions!

With a Maxwell solution, you can prove to your clients that your product works under a broad range of adverse network conditions that can occur in real life. Hard evidence is the best way to convince skeptical prospects of the validity of your claims. Don't tell -- show them that it really works.

Demonstrate the robustness of your product

Maxwell Pro can go beyond the adverse effects of impaired packets; it can affect the protocol. Many network attacks involve modifications to the protocol, not the packets. For example, the "ping of death" attack simply sent a ping packet larger than 65,536-bytes (larger than specified in the RFC); the packet would be fragmented, then reassembled at the destination, resulting in a buffer overflow and system crash. Variations include ping flooding, a denial-of-service attack.

Maxwell Pro offers protocol test suites for TCP, IP, ICMP, UDP, SSL/TLS, and SIP.

Suggested Reading:

"Causes and Correlation of Network Impairments", an IWL white paper on network imperfections and how we deal with these limitations.


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