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You Need to Move!

A majority of enterprises will need to physically move or modify their data center over the next five years.(1)  There are many factors that come into play when such a move is required.  While the majority of issues are typically building and facilities related -- e.g. a need for more space, more power, more cooling -- the IT requirements add much more complexity.  Thus the data center move cannot be delegated to the facilities group.

Plan for IT Requirements

The IT requirements include verifying backups, restores, establishing parallel operations, renumbering and verifying IP addresses, routes, other networking issues, checking licenses, etc.  Often, it is the case that the existing staff simply cannot take on the burden of the planning, preparation, and execution of the data center move, so that many organizations contract with data center relocation specialists to undertake the job.

Application Performance Benchmarking

A key area often overlooked is characterizing and understanding application performance.  The user experience, specifically user perceived response time, should be equivalent or better after the move.  How can the IT department verify the current performance of the key applications utilized in the enterprise?  Then how can they verify that the performance, post-relocation, meets or exceeds previous performance?

There are many possible approaches to addressing the benchmarking requirement -- from the highly sophisticated (and expensive) to simpler (and less expensive) approaches.  

InterWorking Labs can help you characterize your existing applications and their performance requirements. 

(1) Schutt, Tim, "Smart Move: Five Steps to a Successful Data Center Relocation", Transitional Data Services, 2013 

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