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Test Application Performance BEFORE you Move to the Cloud

It worked on your local area network, but users are complaining now that the servers are in the cloud.  What happened?

Networked applications and devices may not perform in the cloud as they performed in the local area network.  Bandwidth limitations and/or network anomalies in the cloud introduce performance problems that did not exist in the local area network. This is particularly true of time sensitive network flows, such as voice or video streams. Pre-deployment verification of application performance can help guarantee the success of a cloud based initiative.

InterWorking Labs Can Help You Test The Cloud

InterWorking Labs can help you identify a range of likely network conditions that will occur when you move your application to the cloud.  After identifying the particular characteristics of the cloud supplier, our Maxwell product family will help you emulate "normal" operational conditions, and then step through a range of scenarios that might occur in real life.  These scenarios can range from the routine to the extreme.  You can then try out your application in the lab under these simulated network conditions to verify performance.  If the performance is unacceptable, there are a range of possible remedies available to address performance issues.

Examples Of Cloud Testing

A cloud-based storage company wants to role out a new solution for home office/branch office users who would drag and drop their important files to the cloud icon on their desktops.

How exactly could the storage company replicate the typical range of Internet connection characteristics that a home office/branch office user would most likely encounter?

  • InterWorking Labs will introduce the storage company to ITU standards specifying a profile for a range of Internet performance characteristics that wold be likely to occur for home office/branch office users.
  • Using the Maxwell Pro product, the client could replicate in the lab all the likely conditions. And thus could proactively remediate potential performance problems.
  • Most clients' testing staff are very knowledgeable about storage testing, their knowledge about networking can be limited. InterWorking Labs can customize the user interface so that the testing staff could push a button to emulate one of nine home office/branch office profiles to simplify and expedite their testing.

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