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InterWorking Labs provides applications for a variety of requirements.

  • AUTOSAR - For the Automotive Open System Architecture, InterWorking Labs provides a TCP/IP Test Suite to assure the in-vehicle communications network operates properly.
  • BACnet (Building Automation Control) -  InterWorking Labs provides an emulated BACnet network in the lab to help diagnose and replicate common problems.
  • Cloud Testing - Emulate all the conditions that a mobile or wired user would encounter in accessing apps and data stored in the cloud.
  • Data Center Relocation  - Determine if the applications will continue to meet performance standards after the data center is moved.
  • Distance Learning  Assure that each student has a positive learning experience regardeless of their network setup and location.
  • Demos and Tradeshows - Show your clients that your products work under all network conditions to make your demo "come alive"
  • FIX (Financial Information Exchange) - Verify that your FIX transaction will meet the Service Level Agreements specified by the clients.
  • Online Multiplayer Games - Predeployment testing avoids game launch disasters
  • Online Games -  Assure that connections are sufficiently robust so that gamers on the slowest speed connections have an equitable game experience.
  • Wireless - Verify that your planned wireless installation is correctly provisioned to compensate for both the common problems and the unusual cases.  Understand the limits of your wireless setup.

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