Reliably Reproduce Any Network Condition in your Lab

Reliably Reproduce Any Network Condition in your Lab

KMAX Network Emulator

  • Deliver robust, high quality products and applications
  • Accelerate time to market
  • Eliminate guesswork and surprises
  • Completely characterize your app's network performance

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Packet Loss? Jitter? Latency? You Name It , You Go It!

Packet Loss? Jitter? Latency? <span>You Name It , You Go It!</span>

Use IWL KMAX Network Simulator To Diagnose, Replicate And Remediate Application Performance For Embedded Systems And Network Applications.

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What We Do

IWL helps developers and engineers understand how well a device or app will perform under adverse network conditions, not just perfect conditions. The developer can then improve the embedded system or network application to optimize its performance. Performance can range from user perceived response time to robustness in the face of pathological packets. Can your device or app withstand the vagaries of the Internet?


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